Robust ship pipe routing: navigating the energy transition (2023)

How can we use stochastic optimization to improve pipe routing in ships?

Generating synthetic power grids using Exponential Random Graphs (2023)

Can a simple random graph model generate synthetic power networks with realistic topological properties?

Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Power Grid Topology Optimization (2023)

How can we use multi-agent reinforcement learning to dynamically adjust the topology of power grids?

Mixed-integer linear programming approaches for tree partitioning of power networks (2023)

How to optimally tree-partition power systems as alternative to intentional controlled islanding?

Critical configurations of the hard-core model on square grid graphs (2023)

How do the transition between stable states most likely happen for the hard-core model?

Pricing uncertainty in stochastic multi-stage electricity markets (2023)

How to price uncertainty in multi-stage electricity markets?

Uncovering Load-Altering Attacks Against $N-1$ Secure Power Grids: A Rare-Event Sampling Approach (2023)

How to identify the most impactful dynamic load-altering attacks?

Analysis of Cascading Failures Due to Dynamic Load-Altering Attacks (2023)

What are the features of the most impactful dynamic load-altering attacks?

Ising model on clustered networks: A model for opinion dynamics (2023)

How long does it take for dense communities to change opinion?

Adaptive Network Response to Line Failures in Power Systems (2023)

How to respond to line failure using frequency regulation that synergizes with the network topology?

Interface Networks for Failure Localization in Power Systems (2022)

Which interface subnetwork are best to connect sub-grids aiming to improve their robustness?

Hopping between distant basins (2022)

How to improve the Basin Hopping method for global optimization with nonlocal random perturbations?

Weighted Dyck paths for nonstationary queues (2022)

How to describe nonstationary queues and their dynamics using Dyck paths?

A Metropolis-class sampler for targets with non-convex support (2021)

How to efficiently sample from target densities with non-convex support? Introducing the Skipping Sampler

A Spectral Representation of Power Systems with Applications to Adaptive Grid Partitioning and Cascading Failure Localization (2021)

How to use spectral graph theory to improve power networks robustness against cascading failures?

Line Failure Localization of Power Networks. Part II: Cut Set Outages (2021)

How does the network topology affect failure propagation in power systems? Here’s comprehensive theory in two parts!

Line Failure Localization of Power Networks. Part I: Non-cut outages (2021)

How does the network topology affect failure propagation in power systems? Here’s a comprehensive theory in two parts!

An Integrated Approach for Failure Mitigation & Localization in Power Systems (2021)

How to combine fast-scale frequency control with line switching to make power networks more robust?

Optimization of stochastic lossy transport networks and applications to power grids (2021)

How to optimally cope with correlated stochastic fluctuations in power systems?

Mitigating Cascading Failures via Local Responses (2020)

Is it possible to react only locally yet efficiently to line failures in power systems?

Large fluctuations in locational marginal prices (2021)

Can stochastic power fluctuations cause spikes of Local Marginal Prices and how likely are they?

Less is More: Real-time Failure Localization in Power Systems (2019)

A distributed control strategy operating on the frequency regulation timescale with provable failure mitigation properties and localization guarantees

Tunneling behavior of Ising and Potts models in the low-temperature regime (2019)

How does this interacting particle system with multiple equilibria behave in the low-temperature limit?

Tunneling of the hard-core model on finite triangular lattices (2019)

How do the hitting and mixing times of this interacting particle system behave in the low-temperature limit?

Temporal starvation in multi-channel CSMA networks: An analytical framework (2019)

Seeking an optimal trade-off between throughput and delays in multi-channel (CSMA) random-access networks

Frequency violations from random disturbances: an MCMC approach (2018)

How to efficiently sample rare events in power systems? Introducing the Ghost Sampler

Failure Localization in Power Systems via Tree Partitions (2018)

How do line failure propagate in power systems? Graph theory comes to rescue!

Emergent failures and cascades in power grids: A statistical physics perspective (2018)

How can correlated stochastic fluctuations in power systems cause cascading failures and blackouts?

Low-temperature behavior of the multicomponent Widom–Rowlison model on finite square lattices (2018)

How does the asymptotic tunneling between the two stable equilibria scale for this interacting particle system?

Line failure probability bounds for power grids (2017)

How to use concentration inequalities to estimate failures in power systems?

Minimizing heat loss in DC networks using batteries (2016)

How to minimize losses using controllable loads in power systems affected by uncertainty?

On the Interactions Between Multiple Overlapping WLANs Using Channel Bonding (2016)

How to improve the performance of multi-channel CSMA algorithm with channel bonding?

Hitting Time Asymptotics for Hard-Core Interactions on Grids (2016)

How to expand the metastability theory to the case of multiple stable equilibria and how to apply to the finite-volume hard-core model?

Spatio-temporal dynamics of random-access networks: An interacting particle approach (PhD thesis) (2015)

How to use interacting particle systems to describe and predict the performance of wireless networks?

Slow Transitions and Starvation in Dense Random-Access Networks (2015)

How do CSMA-like algorithms behave on partite interference graphs in the heavy-traffic limit?

Throughput analysis in CSMA/CA networks using continuous time Markov networks: A tutorial (2014)

How to model and characterize the performance of advanced wireless protocols using Markov processes?

Delay performance in random-access grid networks (2013)

How does temporal starvation in wireless networks scale with the network size?

Mixing properties of CSMA networks on partite graphs (2012)

How well do CMSA-like algorithms perform on complete bipartite graphs?